In Vitro Fertilization is an Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) where a woman’s eggs and man’s sperm are combined in an advanced high-tech laboratory to create an embryo. In fact, the actual meaning of the word “In Vitro” is “Outside the body of living organism” therefore the entire fertilization process in an IVF procedure takes place outside the human body. When the egg combines with a sperm it starts to fertilize and develops into an embryo. Usually, on Day 5 of fertilization, the embryologists identify the best embryo which is then transferred into the female uterus. Of course, optimum laboratory environment and high-tech equipment are required to ensure healthy embryos develop and the desired pregnancy can be achieved.

IVF Cost
IVF Cost

How IVF Works?

What isn’t possible to do naturally and is performed inside a lab controlled. IVF or In-Vitro Fertilization IVF (IVF) is surgical procedure used to ensure the fertilization of eggs by sperm inside the Patri dish. This procedure is intended for women who are not able to have a baby due to various reasons. There could be an obstruction in one or both of the fallopian tubes and the female might have PCOS or an issue with the process of ovulation. The reason could be related to the male too, as it might be the semen is not of a good quality or his sperms are of poor morphology or low motility because they are not able to fertilize eggs through the natural means or may be no sperm within the semen. The effects of being over-aged, the problems with weight hormone imbalance, and weight gain are some of the issues that are present for both genders and are the main reasons for infertility. These are the circumstances that call for IVF to work wonders and make the impossible feasible

Cost of IVF in Pakistan

Cost of IVF in Pakistan was alreadya big question mark for majority of the infertile population butthe sudden cost inflation in Pakistan should be held responsible for the reluctancy people feel while making decision regarding IVF treatment. It put them in a tight spot of either choosing their utmost desire of becoming parents by undergoing IVF or lose the battle against infertility because of high IVF Cost. Their dream is being compromised by the expensive nature of this treatment. But Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center is determined to make their dreams come true by offering their clients many affordable packages which can be customized according to the need. 

IVF Cost

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Combined IVF Experience

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